Becca Ann (sundaytrains) wrote,
Becca Ann

But you see every crack... every dent... every mistake

++ I got my Cook tickets yay! Best 66 dollars I will ever spend I am sure. :D

++ I was promised to go see a movie this weekend but as usual I have this feeling it won't happen. Whatever.

++ I am finally getting around to watching Friday Night Lights Season 3. (I know I know I am a horrible fan but...) Tim Riggins I love you. Seriously. Marry me? And can I just say that I have never been a big fan of Matt or Matt/Julie (though always always adored Julie) but I am about 6 episodes in and I find them much cuter then I ever did. Not sure I loveeee them but they are very cute this season.

++ Meh so much to do and very little drive to do any of it. But I am trying to make myself.

++ I have been listening to Jessica Harp all morning. I love her. And have had Boy Like Me stuck in my head for days anyways.

++ Going to try and get some site stuff done before Zander shows up and takes over my computer.

++ me on twitter

++ Happy Birthday Bryan Greenberg!
Tags: bryan greenberg, david cook, friday night lights, music, sites, zander
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